Mawlamyine, December (17)

As a result of the junta’s enactment of the organization registration law, charitable groups are no longer able to freely support the people and have ceased providing services, the officials told Than Lwin Times.

The departments under the military council summoned and informed charitable groups in Mon State after the military council passed the organization registration law on October 28.

According to a representative of a charity group, some charities have disbanded their groups since they can no longer provide the same level of assistance to the public as before because of the stringent rules enforced by the military council.

Additionally, certain unregistered volunteer groups in some villages may be dissolved as a result of the military council’s organization registration regulation, and new charities won’t be set up.

“If the authorities only issue township licenses to charitable organizations, there will be difficulties in cases where they have to send patients to the state-level hospital,” a source said.

Many of the organizations that are helping people on the ground do not work for a fee, so it may be more difficult for the people who rely on them.

Before the military took power in Myanmar, social groups were able to freely provide assistance to the people in health, education, social and other sectors, but after the military took power, the military council threatened the efforts of charities.

Whoever commits the provisions in Section 33 of the organization registration law shall, on conviction, be punished with a fine not exceeding one million Kyats or three years’ imprisonment.

The law stipulated that whatever registered organization commits the provisions in Sections 38 and 39 shall, on conviction, be punished, the official of the organization shall be punished with a fine not exceeding five million Kyats or five-year imprisonment or both, and an order shall be adopted to nullify the organization and confiscate money and assets of the organization.

News-Than Lwin Times

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