Kawkayeik, December (25)

According to the revolutionary forces, fighting has gotten worse in Karen’s Kawkayeik Township as a result of the military council’s stepped-up massive offensive with their army and air forces.

There had been week-long fighting till December 24 between the combined forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)/ People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and military regime in KNU-held Brigade 6, Kawkayeik Township.

On December 24, a junta flight flew over the southern portion of Kawkayeik as mortar rounds were being fired by the 97th Infantry Battalion and the Hlaing Wakon base.

Moreover, the military column, which included tanks, stepped up its activities, and military aircraft dropped bombs on the southern part of Kawkayeik and the Asian Highway around 3 pm on December 24, the locals said.

According to the initial report, an explosion damaged the Kawkayeik-Kyondoe bridge on December 24, trapping some passengers.

The military council’s daily artillery fire and airstrikes on the villages killed at least three villagers, injured more than ten, and damaged many homes.

Residents of the Kawnwet village tract have fled the junta’s invasion and are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Many junta soldiers were killed in a week-long battle, but regime forces continued to fire artillery shells at civilians, according to the White Tiger.

While the fighting intensifies, the Tiger White Column has warned the public passing through Kawkayeik to be cautious of military council troops.

News-Than Lwin Times

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