Mawlamyaing, 4 January

The Military Junta has granted a pardon to a total of 9,652 individuals, both men and women who have been incarcerated in prisons and detention centers throughout the country.

Pardoned prisoners are released on condition that any recurrence of the same offense will result in serving the original remaining sentence alongside additional penalties. The Military Council also stated that 114 foreign individuals, were among those granted release, and they were subsequently deported.

The Military Council also mentioned that these pardons were bestowed in commemoration of the 76th Independence Day, observed on January 4th.

Than Lwin Times is currently in the process of confirming the number of political prisoners among those who were pardoned. In previous pardons since the coup, very few if any political prisoners are included in general pardons.

News- Than Lwin Times
Photo- MOI

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