January 13, 2024. (Than Lwin Times)

The Myanmar Embassy in London has revealed plans to impose a 2 percent income tax on Myanmar citizens employed in European countries.

Previously the Junta exclusively levied income tax on citizens arriving in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. However now the scope has been expanded to cover all Myanmar citizens working in European countries including UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland will be compelled to pay income tax.

In accordance with the Double Taxation Agreement inked between Myanmar and the United Kingdom, individuals possessing P60 documentation confirming their tax payments in the UK, will be exempt from the tax imposed by the Military Council, as per the statement released by the Myanmar Embassy in London.

The embassy has stated that Myanmar workers in Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland are obligated to pay a tax of up to 2 percent, with the specific rate contingent on the nature of their employment.

The embassy cautions that services such as passport renewal and issuance in cases of damage or loss will be rendered only upon presentation of evidence of that the designated income tax has been paid.

The Myanmar Embassy in London has further noted that individuals who have already fulfilled their tax obligations will receive certificates of tax payment, complete with a QR code for verification.

The embassy has also directed that the designated taxes can be remitted on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, with the payment period commencing from October 1st, 2023.

Myanmar citizens living in Thailand rallied in protests to condemn the coercive tax demands levied by the Military Council on expatriates.

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