NUG’s Acting President Says Chinese Influence in Myanmar’s Internal Affairs


January 18, 2024. (Than Lwin Times)

Duwa Lashi La, the acting president of the National Unity Government (NUG), emphasized that neighboring China’s foreign policies and attitudes are shaping the ongoing internal affairs of Myanmar.

The acting president made this comment at the NUG cabinet meeting held on January 16th.

Duwa Lashi La also highlighted the necessity for NUG to adopt proactive and independent foreign policies that align with public sentiment.

Furthermore, he underscored the necessity for NUG to regulate its own paths and advance independently, aiming to avoid being manipulated by superpower nations and minimizing excessive influence from regional powerhouses.

Political analyst U Than Soe Naing remarked that NUG’s acting president may have alluded to China’s involvement in internal affairs, surpassing internationally accepted norms, particularly in the military conflicts that occurred in northeastern Myanmar.

“It appears that NUG stated this due to its perception that China’s involvement in the conflicts in the northeast regions has surpassed the norms of sovereign relations. Indeed, that perspective is true, and China should restrict its interference in Myanmar’s internal affairs to an appropriate degree. NUG seems to be alluding to China’s interference in Myanmar’s internal affairs beyond acceptable international norms”, he said.

Intense battles were raging in northeastern Myanmar between the Three Brotherhood Alliance and the coup Military Council over the past few months; however, with China, which is influential on both sides, serving as an intermediary, three rounds of negotiations occurred, culminating in the eventual attainment of a ceasefire agreement.

Duwa Lashi La warned that the trajectory of the revolution may encounter ups and downs, influenced by shifts in the world’s political landscapes, underscoring the significance of staying vigilant to these changes at all times.

In its January 1st statement, NUG elaborated on its approach towards China, expressing a commitment to maintaining a sincere ‘Paukphaw’ (friendship) relation, striving to be a good neighbor, endorsing the One-China policy, and ensuring the protection of China’s investments and interests in Myanmar.

On the other hand, on January 15th, the coup Military Council declared its steadfast commitment to fostering ‘Paukphaw’ relation as a good neighbor of China in the long term and expressed its support for the One-China policy.

News– Than Lwin Times


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