January 23, 2024. (Than Lwin Times)

Despite the ceasefire agreement with the Three Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan State, Junta forces have continued their attacks, carrying out nearly 100 airstrikes and shelling incidents during the ceasefire period, as reported by Than Lwin Times based on local sources.

From January 12th -21st, the Military Council carried out at least 72 artillery bombardments and 22 air raids in northern Shan State. In their statement on January 21st, the Three Brotherhood Alliance accused the Military Council of employing artillery and aircraft to target both civilian areas and regions where there is no active fighting.

Following an analysis of the Three Brotherhood Alliance’s statements, Than Lwin Times confirmed that, following the ceasefire agreement in northern Shan State, the Military Council’s attacks resulted in the deaths of 2 civilians and injuries to at least 7 others.

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), a member of the Alliance, reported that two local individuals were killed, two others were injured, and four houses were damaged due to artillery fire from the No 5 Milestone base of the Military Council, located in Mogok Township in the Ta’ang Military Region, targeting Peinpyit village on January 19th.

Also, on January 21st, a local woman and man sustained serious injuries as a result of four rounds of attacks carried out by Military Council jet fighters stationed in Namhkam Township, targeting Manwein and Naungmagyi villages.

The Kokang armed force, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), currently in control of the entire Kokang Self-Administered Zone, declared that three civilians were injured from January 15th to 17th due to landmines planted by the Military Council troops in Shinkaing village within the Ton Shan region.

Despite the absence of active fighting in the Kokang region, MNDAA has issued a warning, urging the public to remain vigilant as efforts to clear landmines and other unexploded ordnance left by the Military Council are still underway.

Following major setbacks inflicted by the Three Brotherhood Alliance’s ‘Operation 1027’, the Military Council managed to secure a ceasefire agreement in the second week of January, facilitated by China’s intervention.

Despite the ceasefire agreement, the Military Council persisted in carrying out provocative attacks in Mongmit (Momeik), Kyaukme, Mogok, Namhkam, and Lashio townships until January 22nd, as reported by TNLA.

On that day, the Military Council initiated an aggressive incursion into the 8-Mile area between Mogok and Mongmit in the Ta’ang Military Region, leading to clashes with TNLA.

TNLA’s statement also warned that the Military Council’s actions consistently breached the terms of the ceasefire agreement.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing conflict in Rakhine State with the Arakan Army (AA), a fellow Alliance member, the Military Council is sustaining losses too, including the surrender of a 539th light infantry battalion based in Kyauktaw Township.

News – TLT
Photo – TNLA

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