January 27, 2024. (Than Lwin Times)

The Kyar Phyu (White Tiger) military column, a resistance force, alleges that the Military Council is employing one of their frequently used military tactics. Locals are abducted and then exploited as human shields during ongoing operations in Kawkareik Township, Karen State.

Urban combat between resistance forces and Junta troops persisted in Kawkareik for nearly two months, with continuous clashes occurring daily in areas under the control of the White Tiger military column, since the start of the year.

The White Tiger Column, is one of eight columns operating under a joint command between the shadow administration of the National Unity Government and the Karen National Liberation Army.

The White Tiger military column disclosed that from January 22- 26th, Military Council forces apprehended several Kawkareik locals, employing them as human shields during offensive operations.

Despite resorting to despicable tactics such as employing locals as human shields and utilizing artillery support and drone warfare, the Military Council, encountered daily setbacks in the clashes in Kawkareik while inflicting harm on civilian residents and facilities, according to the White Tiger unit.

The White Tiger military column advises fleeing residents to exercise caution, urging them not to be swayed by rumours, verify information with the resistance forces before considering a return to town, and to remain in safe locations for the time being.

Amidst the Kawkareik clashes that commenced on December 1st, tens of thousands of residents were compelled to evacuate. On days of relative calm in the conflict, some locals took the risk of returning to the town to secure essential food and supplies.

There were incidents in which individuals, taking the risk of returning to the town, faced injuries and fatalities as they came under gunfire. Violent clashes also resulted in the destruction of hundreds of houses and other buildings due to fire.

News- Than Lwin Times

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