March 4, 2024.

The Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPF) reports that nearly 500 resistance fighters have been killed in Karenni State since the Junta ‘s coup in February 1st, 2021, until January 2024.

In 2021, the death toll of Karenni resistance fighters stood at 41, escalating to 170 in 2022, and further to 228 in 2023, with another 50 fatalities recorded in the first month of 2024, bringing the total to 489.

The casualties included members of newly formed armed resistance forces post-coup, established ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), and defectors from militia units aligned with the Junta.

PKPF’s compiled lists reveal a total of 985 skirmishes and major battles in Karenni State over a span of three years, with the Military Council employing approximately 1,300 airstrikes.

In 2023, the clashes reached their peak, with resistance forces successfully downing two Junta aircraft and destroying 68 military vehicles, including armored vehicles.

Resistance forces told Than Lwin Times that a total of 3,133 Junta troops were killed in the clashes, although the actual number could be significantly higher.

As of now, the resistance forces maintain full control over Mese, Shadaw, Mawchi, and Ywarthit areas in Karenni State, and are actively pursuing the capture of Demoso, Hpruso, and Loikaw, continuing their offensive stances.

News – Than Lwin Times
Photo: KNDF

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