March 5, 2024
Data for Myanmar, a research organization, reports that the number of townships under martial law declared by the Junta in the three years following the coup has surged to 61 nationwide.
In 2021 the Junta imposed martial law in 8 townships, followed by 48 in 2023, and an additional 5 in the first two months of 2024.
Mantong, Namhsan, and Namtu in northern Shan State, were recently placed under martial law on March 4 th . All these townships had been captured by the Ta’ang National
Liberation Army (TNLA) during ‘Operation 1027’.
Military and political analysts suggest that the Junta’s declaration of martial law in townships under TNLA’s control could signify a potential breach of the ceasefire agreement,
possibly leading to renewed clashes.
Based on the 2014 census, an estimated 8.2 million individuals reside in the 61 townships currently subjected to martial law, out of a total of 330 townships across Myanmar.
Within the townships under martial law, the Junta has granted the military regional commanders complete administrative and judicial authority, denying the accused any right to appeal and permitting the imposition of the most severe penalties, including the death sentence.

News : (Than Lwin Times)
Photo: Social Media

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