Mawlamyine, March (26)

The Mon State military council has directed the dance group to perform “Yein”, Thingyan Dance, at the junta’s Thingyan pavilion at City Hall.

The women’s groups from departmental offices, ethnic groups in the region, township representative groups, have been instructed to do one performance each.

Besides, township representative groups will have to engage in the performance and five crowded department offices have also been instructed to perform the ‘Yein’, an employee of the state military council said.

“But because of political instability, the guardians won’t allow us to do this,” said one of the members of the dace troupe.

The working committees have been formed and assigned to celebrate this year’s Thingyan Festival with a large crowd.

The military council has ordered the responsible to include events such as “paying respect to the aged”, “releasing captive fish” and food donations called “satuditha”.

The revolutionary forces won’t participate in the Thingyan festival to be held by the military council and will continue to celebrate Revolution Thingyan like last year.

News – Than Lwin Times

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