Mawlamyine, March (26)

The Mon Thaton Special Defense Force has warned people not to leave their homes after 8 pm starting March 25 in Thaton Township.

The group also urge the people to avoid danger and not go out to see what is happening when they hear the explosions and gunfire in Thaton Township.

Saw Katone, in-charge of the Mon Thaton Special Defense Force, told Thanlwin Times that the warning was issued to protect innocent civilians from night attacks.

“As our targeted operations may include night attacks, we have issued a warning for local residents not to be harmed,” they said.

They call on all parties to cooperate and support the revolutionary organizations for the success of the revolution against military dictatorship.

Since the military coup, the Mon Thaton Special Defense Force has carried out frequent attacks on the military council’s offices and checkpoints.

News – Than Lwin Times

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