Mawlamyine, March (30)

Mon Prime Minister Dr Aye Zan has pleaded not guilty to the charge of electoral fraud filed against him by junta, according to sources familiar with the case.

On March 29, Dr Aye Zan was convicted of electoral fraud in Mawlamyine court.

When the judge asked Dr. Aye Zan if he was guilty or not, PM pleaded not guilty to the charge. He is due to appear in court the following week.

He was charged with three counts of electoral fraud under sections 130 (A) and 171(f) and is now facing a total of 12 cases including nine counts of corruption charges.

On December 17, 2021, Dr Aye Zan was sentenced to two years with hard labor in prison under section 505 (a) of penal code for inciting civil servants to join CDM.

News – Than Lwin Times

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