Mawlamyine, April (2)

Although the regime council in Mon State plans to celebrate Thingyan Festival, the dealers say sales of Thingyan accessories are declining.

Water guns, waterproof plastic bags, water goggles, soap spray, and other items had been in high demand at previous Mon State’s Water Festivals, but there has been almost no market demand this year.

A retail seller of Thingyan items said, the wholesalers do not import such items and also the retailers do not sell them because there are no customers this year.

“At the previous Water Splashing Festival, we sold water goggles, hats, jakets and seasonal food. Even people who used to order a lot of Thingyan items do not order them now. We used to sell out water proof plastic bags. Howerver no one came to ask for such goods this year. We don’t sell them in our shops,” he added.

Thingyan accessories had been on the rise in the market a month before the festival last year, but there was no trade for Thingyan items following the coup.

The military council plans to hold the Water festival in full swing during the unrest in the country.

Revolutionary forces have demanded that the people continue to celebrate Revolution Thingyan without participating in the event to be held by the military council.

News – Than Lwin Tims.

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