Mawlamyine, April (5)

After the administrator of Thargara Myo Haung Village, Laung Lone Township in Taninthryi Region was shot dead, some clerks as well as the administrators of some villages resigned according to the people close to the military council.

On April 1, junta-appointed U Ko Ko Maung, the village administrator of Thargara Myo Haung Village, and his father, U Shwe Oo, were assassinated by the local People’s Defense Coalition.

Following the assassination of the village administrator, certain staff and administrators from 15 villages including Khamaung Taung, Pan Tin Inn, Waidi and Sakhangyi have resigned.

A source close to the junta said some clerks, including village administrators, had quit for medical reasons, while others stopped communicating with the regime.

The military council, however, has refused to allow them to quit.

On April 1, the Laung Lone People’s Defense Forces issued another warning letter to the junta-appointed administrators to resign as soon as possible.

This week, at least six informants including the junta-appointed administrators were shot dead in Laung Lone Township.

News- Than Lwin Times

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