Mawlamyine, April (5)

CDM police have warned Yangon-based guerrilla forces to relocate and change their current phone sim-cards due to linked arrests.

Free Tiger Ranger members were shot and captured on Htee Tan Road and Home Road in Kyeemyindaing Township on March 26. One PDF comrade was killed and six others detained in the raid.

The military council is currently trying to apprehend related PDFs using guerrilla troops that have been detained.

As a result, a CDM police official has urged urban guerilla forces to relocate and replace their present phone sim cards.

“Those associated with the detainees should be relocated immediately. Phone sim-cards should be changed. Only then will they be able to escape in time from the arrest of the military council,” he said.

The regime troops arrived in plain clothes and arrested members of Free Tiger Ranger. It is reported that one PDF comrade was killed and four men and two women arrested during the arrest.

The junta has been conducting a series of arrests through PDF comrades captured.

News – Than Lwin Times

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