Mawlamyine, April (6)

Mon State Council has begun construction of a central pavilion near the Myoma Bridge on Mawlamyine Kanar Road to commemorate the Water Festival, according to the residents.

The State Council has been constructing the Mawlamyine Thingyan central pavilion since April 3 and has now completed substantial portion of it.

CCTV cameras are being installed in the vicinity of the pavilion.

The military council ordered departmental offices, ethnic representation groups, and women’s groups to perform “Yein,” a Thingyan dance, with one performance per group, to commemorate Mawlamyine Thingyan in full force.

It is mandatory to have one dancing troupe for every three wards in the city, and money is being collected in some areas for this purpose.

Departments have been told to arrange events including paying homage to the elderly, releasing fish, and donating food (Satudithar).

Revolutionary forces are urging the public to boycott the junta’s Water Festival and instead support Revolution Thingyan.

News – Than Lwin Times

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