Mawlamyine, April (8 )

The Mon State’s military council has instructed that those coming to the state should not be allowed to enter without National Registration Cards (NRC), according to a source familiar with the matter.

The military council has announced that it will no longer allow travel from April 1 with a letter of recommendation instead of a NRC.

At the Sittaung Bridge checkpoint in Mon State, anyone entering the state will be asked to return if they do not have a NRC.

As a result of this directive, unregistered migrant workers, rural people and racial minorities are facing chalenges.

The regime’s Ministry of Immigration and Population is implementing a Pan Khin Project to issue NRCs throughout the state. People who do not pay, however, will find it difficult to obtain a registration card.

Meanwhile, the military council has told hotels and guesthouses that people without NRCs should not be allowed to stay.

The political analysts criticized that the military council is trying to arrest the resistance forces and use various methods to create a public crisis.

News – Than Lwin Times

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