Mawlamyine, April (8 )

Children and the elderly from Hpapun Dictrict, who are sheltering in the forests, are afflicting with malaria and influenza, the KNU reported.

Residents in Hpapun district have been forced to move to safer places due to heavy artillery attack by the military regime and the BGF.

Children and the elderly hiding in the woods, are suffering from malaria, Influenza, runny nose and cough.

In addition, IDPs have to live on contaminated water and are finding it difficult to access clean drinking water.

Clashes between the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 5 and the military forces in Hpapun District have prompted many local villagers to flee, and the number of refugees in the entire district has risen to nearly 80,000.

Relief workers said they are having difficulty reaching to some areas where IDPs are living due to travel constraints.

News – Than Lwin Times

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