Mawlamyine, April (8 )

The Mon Revolutionary Forces urge people not to participate in the Thingyan Festival to be held by the Mon State’s military council.

To commemorate this year’s Great Thingyan Festival, Mon State’s military council is constructing a central pavilion in Mawlamyine, as well as pavilions in each of the state’s townships.

The military council has also ordered that for Water Festival, every departmental office, local ethnic representation groups, and women’s associations perform “Yein,” or Thingyan Dance.

Mon Thaton Special Defense Force (MTHSF) in-charge Saw Ka Ton urges people not to take part in the Thingyan Festival organized by the military council this year, as this year is a time of revolution.

“I urge the people not to take part in any of the military junta’s activities, because there are people in trouble in the woods during the revolution period, and they also want to be happy. But during the revolution they could no be happy like that,” he said.

The Mon State’s military council is also planning to hold events such as paying tribute to the elderly, releasing fish and donating food at Thingyan Festival.

Bo Yan Naing, in-charge of the Ye People’s Defense Force (YPDF), urged the people not to take part in Thingyan Festival as this is a time of efforts to overthrow the military dictatorship and they are trying to dismantle the pillars of the regime.

The coup junta intends to demonstrate to the outside community that the country is tranquil by holding a Water Splashing Festival during a period of upheaval.

As a result, the strike groups are also pushing people to keep the Revolution Thingyan going this year.

News – Than Lwin Times

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