Mawlamhin, April (13)

Residents say the military council plans to stage a magnificent Thingyan Festival in the state capital, Hpa-an, and has set up Thingyan pavilions on Kan Nar Road despite severe fighting across Karen State.

There are at least seven departmental pavilions along the Kan Nar Road including the central pavilion and some in each ward.

The State Military Council has recently instructed ward and village administrators to build pavilions and donate food in Hpa-an to celebrate this year’s Great Thingyan Festival in a big way.

In addition, security has been tightened for Water Festival and the regime has asked the administrators to persuade the people to enjoy the festivities.

The opening ceremony of the central pavilion of the Karen State’s military council takes place on the eve of Thingyan today, and security has been tightened.

Revolutionary forces have warned people not to participate in the Thingyan festival held by the military council and not to approach the junta’s Thingyan pavilion.

News – Than Lwin Times

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