Mawlamyine, April (14)

The military council is also pressuring business owners to enjoy Thingyan by asking the employees to perform at the mayor’s pavilion and departmental ones.

U Toe Kyaw Hlaing, a spokesman for the NUCC, said the military council was trying to fool the world by broadcasting propaganda in the media that people were accustomed to being under military rule and enjoying the Thingyan festival.

“They want to create an image where the military can rule and the people are accustomed to military rule and are enjoying the Thingyan festival.

Through their own media, they broadcast selected festival venues and it is an attempt to deceive the international government and the people of Myanmar,” he commented.

The NUCC stated that it supported public demonstrations and PDF forces’ refusal to participate in the military council’s Thingyan Festival.

Artists and celebrities from all walks of life are also being urged by the NUCC to join the people’s revolutionary Thingyan campaign and boycott the junta’s Thingyan.

On April 12, the NUCC urged the people to make this year’s Thingyan Days a Revolutionary Thingyan, since thwarting the military council’s political profiteering activities is critical.

News – Than Lwin Times

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