Mawlamyine, April (16)

On the 15th of April, Thingyan A-Kyat Day, the people from Mawlamyine continued to boycott the Water Festival, held by the military council, without participating.

On Thingyan A-kyat Day, neighborhoods and main roads in Mawlamyine are as deserted and silent as they were the previous days.

The residents of Mawlamyine stayed in their homes and boycotted the regime’s Thingyan Festival on the first, second, and third days (Thingyan A-Kyo Nei, A-Kya Nei, and A-Kyat Nei).

A local resident said that they did not participate in the Thingyan Festival held by the military council as a token of sympathy for the refugees, saying the people have staged unarmed revolution.

“The main reason for this is humanitarianism. Every day, fighting erupts in our neighboring Karen, Karenni, and Kachin states, as well as the Magway and Sagaing Regions. In Magway and Sagaing, some villages have been set on fire. Even during Thingyan, it’s happening. We should not be glad when people are fleeing and houses are being set on fire. I’m really pleased of myself for not taking part in this Thingyan.”

The people will continue to boycott the junta’s events during the remaining Thingyan days.

In the past, on Mawlamyine Thingyan A-kyat Day, there were no crowds along the Kan Nar road and the lower main road are bustling with the crowds but at the Thingyan Festival held by the military council, those roads are almost empty and deserted.

Mon State’s resistance groups and students’ unions have urged residents to boycott the military-led Thingyan Festival and join the revolution instead.

News – Than Lwin Times

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