Positive outcomes probably expected for Myanmar affairs at US-ASEAN Summit


Yangon, April (23)

According to political analysts, the US-ASEAN summit, which excluded the coup council’s representatives, could result in positive outcomes for Myanmar.

The summit is scheduled for May 12-13 in Washington, D.C., without the participation of the military regime and Philippine President Duterte.
Due to the military council’s refusal to adhere to the ASEAN five-point consensus on Myanmar, Burmese representatives have been prevented from attending ASEAN meetings.

“The US may apply diplomatic pressure on the ASEAN five-point consensus, which the military council has failed to implement. Therefore, we anticipate that this meeting will lead to positive developments for the Spring Revolution NUG and the people’s resistance forces,” a political expert, U Than Soe Naing commented.

At the summit, the Spring Revolution and the National Unity Government (NUG) can be firmly supported and further restrictions could be imposed on the military council, U Than Soe Naing remarked.

According to political expert Ye Tun, the US-ASEAN summit could result in tougher sanctions as well as humanitarian relief for Myanmar.

The NUG’s ambassador to ASEAN, called on the United States and ASEAN to work hard for the implementation of the ASEAN five-point consensus.

The ASEAN five-point consensus called on the regime to release political leaders and political prisoners, to stop the violence, to meet with all relevant groups and to provide humanitarian assistance.

The five accords, however, have yet to be implemented by the military council.

News – Than Lwin Times


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