Loikaw, April (26)

An official from the Pekon People’s Administration told the Than Lwin Times that the military council plans to reopen schools in Karenni State, where fighting is raging.

The military council is training non-CDM teachers and daily-wage teachers in Karenni State in order to restore schools.

There is no guarantee for the lives of non-CDMs serving in the areas of the People’s Defense Forces, such as Moebye and Pekon between southern Shan State and Karenni State, the Information Officer of Pekon People’s Administration said.

“They are causing us concern. We cannot guarantee their safety because there are so many armed factions in the liberated region,” she continued.

Under the guidance of the People’s Administration, schools in the Moebye and Pekon districts have reportedly reopened.

According to reports, the Board of Pekon Education has opened 70 schools, with over 10,000 students enrolled.

In recent months, schools have been destroyed during the military junta’s offensives in Moebye and Pekon. In some places, they are even teaching in tents.

News – Than Lwin Times

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