Kyain Seikgyi, April (28)

Refugees escaping military fighting in the KNU’s Dooplaya District Brigade 6 require medicine, food, and basic support, according to the locals.

Since April 23, the KNLA Brigade 6 has clashed with the junta near Tagun Daing Village Camp, Win Raw Area, Kyain Seikgyi Township, killing and injuring some locals.

Thousands of people are leaving Tagun Daing, Kale Nan Thaing Htun, and Daing Lut villages. Currently, the evacuees require shelters, as well as medicine and food, according to a Win Raw resident.

The military council beefed up its presence in Tagun Daing hamlet, and several locals were kidnapped and used as human shields along the route.

Although no gunfire has been reported so far, a villager from Tagun Daing believes it is not yet ready for the refugees to return to their communities.

On the one hand, the military council has invited ethnic armed leaders, including the KNU, to peace talks. On the other hand, clashes are taking place as more military operations are carried out in KNU-controlled areas.

According to Karen human rights organizations that assist refugees, the number of persons leaving the fighting in Dooplaya region has climbed to around 30,000.

News – Than Lwin Times

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