Belin, May (7)

The military junta has committed a number of human rights violations in Thaton District, which is held by the Karen National Union’s Brigade 1, the officials told the Than Lwin Times.

With intense artillery shelling and airstrikes in the villages, the regime’s 44th Division arrested and tortured residents in Thaton District, capturing them for use as porters and human shields.

On May 1, a military aircraft bombed on Lay Kay village in Belin Township destroying 10 houses and a nunnery.

On May 3, the military council arrested and tortured civilians during the relocation of troops from Mae Pali to Nat Gyi, and used 11 locals as human shields.

Because the military council has been unable to defeat the KNU, they have targeted people and committed human rights and war crimes, according to KNU Brigade 1 Thaton District Chairman Pado Saw Soe Myint.

Military tensions between the regime and the KNLA have escalated in KNU Brigade 1 controlled areas – Belin, Kyaikto and Hpa-an townships, prompting over 20,000 residents to evacuate to adjacent forests and safe places.

News – Than Lwin Times

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