Regime troops search for PDFs after the attack on the Thakyat Taw police station


Launglon, May (8 )

Locals said the regime troops were searching for the People’s Defense Forces after Taninthari region’s Thakyat Taw police station in Launglon Township was attacked.

About 60 military forces have been searching for the PDFs since the morning of May 7 in the adjacent area and Yabe Taung, including Thakyat Taw hamlet.

Locals are concerned that when military personnel seek for the PDFs, tensions between the two groups may worsen.

According to a local resident, some locals are fleeing owing to the military council’s operations.

On May 5, local PDF groups attacked the Thakyat Taw police station, and the battle lasted over six hours.

After the clash, five local villagers were abducted by military soldiers and released on May 6.

News – Than Lwin Times


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