Hpa-an, May (10)

At least 20 political prisoners have been put in solitary confinement following a riot at Hpa-an Prison in Hpa-an Township, Karen State, the sources close to the prison said.

On the 8th of May, the authorities transferred over 60 political inmates to Kyaik Maraw Central Prison, sparking the prison riot.

The regime’s prison officials assaulted four political prisoners during the riot and more than 20 political prisoners were held in solitary confinement after that. 

The riot was sparked by protests by the remaining political prisoners as authorities transferred some political prisoners to other prisons.

The political prisoners sang the revolution song “Thway Thitsar” during their transfer.

Family members are concerned about the relocation of political detainees since reports say the military council is using them as front-line porters.

On April 27, a riot broke out at Hpa-an Prison over the prison authorities’ maltreatment of political inmates, and regime troops threatened to shoot.

News – Than Lwin Times

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