Mawlamyine, May (15)

Small-scale livestock farmers in Mon State said they have been forced to abandon their businesses due to high prices of livestock inputs and related products in more than a year after the military takeover.

Following the devaluation of the Myanmar currency, the price of livestock inputs has tripled, along with rising general costs, putting livestock businesses at a loss.

As a result, about 60% of the livestock business has closed, and if input prices continue to grow, nearly all small-scale livestock farming would vanish, according to a farmer.

“About 60% of the livestock business has ceased in the last three months. Chickens and pigs can no longer be raised because of the losses. Only individuals who have made a significant investment will remain. I believe the situation for small-scale livestock farmers is dire.”

In addition, the general cost of livestock farming has led to a reduction in the number of livestock animals to raise. Some say they are switching to another business because they can no longer afford it.

One farmer said he had lost his chickens and pigs due to the disease during seasonal shifts, and was unable to make ends meet.
Animal feed has gone up by 500 kyats or 1,000 kyats, and the price has never dropped. If you raise a lot of pigs, you will not make a profit because of higher labor costs.

Currently, the unemployment rate of skilled workers has risen due to the closure of livestock farming, and the livelihoods of families who rely on livestock farming have become increasingly difficult.

Chickens, pigs, and fish are the most commonly raised animals in Mon State, and livestock products are being exported to some states and regions.

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