Yangon, May (21)

Yangon residents said that it is no longer safe to ride the YBS, the main public transport system in Yangon.

YBS (Yangon Bus Service) is already used by the people from all walks of life in Yangon with the majority being employees and the grassroots.

There have been incidences of robbery and pickpocketing on YBS since the coup, but the officials have taken little action.

“No one guarantees security on YBS. I don’t think they will take action if they go to complain. I have to keep ourself safe. When our things were stolen, we told the driver to drive to the police station, but they refused to do so. That is why we have to protect ourselves as much as we can, ” said a Yangon resident.

Yangon Transportation Supervisory Committee said the cars were equipped with CCTV cameras and complaints were filed at the police stations.

Legal experts said such incidents are taking place because the coup junta is trying to retain power and no longer cares about the rule of law.

News – Than Lwin Times

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