Taungoo, May (22)

The Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) carried out six sniper strikes against military regime camps: Thayeihtar, Koday, and Bawgali stationed at Htantapin Township controlled by KNU Taungoo Brigade 2, killing six and wounded two.

KNDO members opened fire on the military council’s Thayeihtar camp four times, killing four soldiers.

In addition, two military council soldiers were killed and two others were injured when the KNDO conducted sniper attacks on the Koday and Bogali camps.

The KNDO Battalion 4 issued a letter calling for the withdrawal of decades-old military bases, but the military council ignored the message and increased its forces, an official from the 2nd KNU Brigade said.

In addition, the military council is expanding its presence in the KNLA’s 5th and 6th Battalions and is conducting raids on villages where the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) may be located.

In Brigade 2, there have been numerous skirmishes between the junta armed forces and the KNLA/KNDO.

Local people are also fleeing due to the military council’s severe artillery shelling on the communities, according to Brigade 2’s release.

News – Than Lwin Times

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