Five fishermen missing after being swept away by flood in Paung Township


Paung, May (22)

In Mon State, six fishermen were swept away by the flood in Bai Laung Stream, near Tathmu Chaung village, Paung Township in the evening of May 20, one person was rescued alive, the locals said.

One of the six men was rescued alive near Htang Pin Chaung Gyi village but the other five men have yet to be discovered.

According to locals, Bai Laung Stream is a very fast-flowing stream, and on May 20, a small depression caused severe flooding. Only Ko Zaw (48 years old) was rescued.

The missing people are from The Gone village in Paung Township, and four of them are around 20 years old.

The trees and lamp posts fell due to strong winds on May 20 in Mon State’s Paung Township. The roofs of the shops and houses were blown off and some buildings collapsed.

News – Than Lwin Times


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