Thanbyuzayat, May (22)

Salt farmers in Mon State have requested a one-year moratorium on the COVID-19 loans because of heavy rain and high general costs.

This season’s severe rains have reduced salt production by nearly half, according to salt farmers.

After the military coup, salt farmers, on the other hand, incurred losses at the end of the salt season due to increasing fuel prices and high general expenditures.

Salt farmers asked the authorities to suspend the COVID-19 loans for one year since they are having difficulty in restarting salt production next season.

“Some say, next year they will not be able to operate in the salt industry. We have to repay the loans to the authorities, so we have asked for a one-year moratorium on the COVID-19 loans,” according to the sourcs.

At present, the price of raw salt is as high as 250 kyats per viss, but farmers are facing market instability and lack of demand.

In Mon State, sun-dried salt is mainly produced in Thanbyuzayat and Ye Townships producing over 40,000 tons of salt annually.

Due to the damaging rains this year, just 20,000 tons of salt were produced.

Mon State’s sun-dried salt is sold to a number of regions and states, including Mandalay and Yangon.

News – Than Lwin Times

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