Mawlamyine, May (24)

Despite not being able to buy enough fuel, the coup council set the price of fuel to be sold, the fuel dealers told Than Lwin Times.

The dealers used to sell at regional prices based on previous imports and costs.

However, since the second week of May, the military council has set daily sales prices. The regime has threatened to shut down gas stations if the dealers do not sell at the set price.

“We have to sell at the price set by the authorities. Now the regime seems to be controlling oil prices. If prices fall, we will lose. If we sell more than the set price, our shops will be closed. The authorities don’t supply enough oil,” said a trader.

“At present, some fuel stations are facing shortages depending on the type of fuel, and some stations are temporarily closed due to a lack of fuel, said a trader.

The fuel price on May 23 was 2380 kyats per liter for 95, 2260 kyats for 92, 2225 kyats for premium diesel and 2195 kyats for diesel.

Fuel prices have almost tripled from around 600 kyats per litre before the military coup to more than 2,300 kyats per litre after that, with frequent shortages.

News – Than Lwin Times

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