IDPs near Thaung Yin river in trouble due to floods and landslides


Myawaddy, May (24)

Internally displaced people (IDPs) near the Thaung Yin river are experiencing floods and landslides as a result of severe rainfall, according to the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG), which is aiding refugees.

Refugees living along the riverbank on the Thai-Myanmar border had problems owing to severe rainfall, strong winds, and the flow of mountain streams between May 20 and 22.

Nearly 10,000 IDPs living near the river’s source are in bad health due to inadequate housing and excessive rains, and they will have to migrate due to the landslide, according to Saw Nanda Su, a KHRG spokesperson.

“Homes were washed away by the floods. There are eight IDP camps. People also get sick,” Saw Nanda Su said.
Humanitarian assistance such as shelters, food and medicine is needed for struggling IDPs.

Locals have been forced to escape for more than five months due to the Lay Kay Kaw skirmishes, which began late last year. Refugees are currently living in temporary camps along the Thaung Yin river banks.
For the time being, the flood water has receded, but it is still raining heavily.
Strong monsoons in the Andaman Sea, as well as the south, east, and centre of the Bay of Bengal, are expected to bring more rain to 11 states and regions in the next two days, including Karen State, according to the Meteorological Department.
News – Than Lwin Times


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