Lay Kay Kaw, May (29)

Fighting could erupt as regime’s BGF troops moved into Lay Kay Kaw, an area controlled by KNU Brigade 6, KNLA’s Cobra column told Than Lwin Times.

In recent days, Border Guard Force (BGF) and regime troops extended its military presence in Mae Htaw Thalay, Hteemae Wah Khee, Falu and Lay Kay Kaw to retake Thae Baw Bo camp.

The Cobra column’s spokesperson stated that the KNLA has been informed of the BGF’s military actions, and while it is difficult to estimate the number of personnel there, they are on high alert.

“They are carrying out regular military operations. The BGF, in particular, is expanding its military presence. We are well prepared. If they march, there will be clashes,” he said.

The BGF troops entering the Lay Kay Kaw area include the 1018 and 1019 units under the BGF 3 area in Shwe KokKo ,with about 300 troops, according to local sources.

These BGF troops are already active in Brigade 5 in Papun District. The group retreated from Hpapun on May 9 and entered the area of Brigade 6 in recent days.

The military council has expanded its forces to retake the base, and conducted reconnaissance, the locals said.

The regime base was attacked by the KNLA on May 18, killing seven people, including the deputy battalion commander of the council, and seizing a large amount of ammunition.

The KNLA claimed responsibility for the attack on the regime’s Thae Baw Bo bas on May 18, killing seven people, including a deputy commanding officer, and seizing large quantities of ammunition.

News – Than Lwin Times

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