Yangon, May (31)

The Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) political parties met with the military regime’s National Solidarity and Peacemaking Negotiation Committee (NSPNC) to discuss 2008 constitutional reform.

The UPDJC political parties met with the NSPNC, led by a Lieutenant General of the Military Council, to seek amendments to nine points of the constitution.

They discussed renaming the country the Federal Republic of the Union of Myanmar rather than the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and that the military must lead to some extent rather than always leading in the role of political leadership, Sai Aik Paung, leader of a group of political parties, told Than Lwin Times.

He discussed appointing local people elected by the will of the people when appointing staff at district and township administration offices.

The NCA agreement provides for the formation of a UPDJC with 16 representatives from each of the coalition of government, military and Hluttaw; ethnic armed groups who signed the ceasefire agreement; and political parties.

The UPDJC is a leading committee in discussing and deciding on political dialogue issues, including union peace conference, regional political dialogues, national political dialogues, and ethnic political dialogues.

News – Than Lwin Times

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