Tanintharyi, June (2)

Nearly 70 percent of the IDPs fleeing fighting in Tanintharyi Region are suffering from severe malaria, the Dawna-Tanintharyi Refugee Support Group told Than Lwin Times.

During the rainy season, the IDPs confront unsafe living circumstances and a huge outbreak of malaria.

At present, people suffering from malaria are being treated as much as possible, and medicine is urgently needed, an official from the Dawna-Tanintharyi Refugee Support Group said.

The IDPs, on the other hand, are having a terrible time due to the high cost of malaria treatments and the military council’s limitations on medicine imports.

More than 13,000 IDPs have been displaced by the fighting in Tanintharyi Region’s Thayet Chaung and Dawei townships.

IDPs hiding in the forests are in need of shelters, medicine, food and humanitarian aid.

News – Than Lwin Times

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