Taungoo, June (4)

The Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 2 in Toungoo District issued a warning letter on June 2 to the military council, stating that the military council should not interfere with the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 2’s administration.

The KNLA’s 2nd Brigade has warned the military council not to meddle in the KNU’s administrative and departmental issues inside the 2nd Brigade’s controlled district, and to stop hindering people’s movement and inspecting the transportation of food.

The KNU 2nd Brigade has warned Brigadier Ko Ko Lwin, commander of 20th military operation command of the Military Council, to stop interfering in the KNU administration.

The KNLA Brigade 2 will not be held responsible for the consequences if the military council does not complied with the rules, the statement said.

“We want the world to know about the military’s activities and attitudes in our area. If they want peace, national unity and a real union, they must accept our request. They also arrested people and cars traveling by. They are obstructing all the administrative activities of the KNU in various ways. They also check the people’s NRC who are traveling for livelihood,” Brigadier Saw Dae Pwe said.

Frequent clashes between junta forces and the KNLA/ KNDO in the area controlled by KNU’ Taungoo District Brigade 2. At least 10 clashes took place in the area of the 2nd Brigade in May, killing at least 30 members of the military personnel.

News – Than Lwin Times

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