Dawei, June (7)

From May to the first week of June, five civilians were killed and 11 others were injured in clashes between the army and Local People’s Defense Forces in Tanintharyi Region, according to local independent media and civil society groups.

In May, three civilians were killed and eight others were injured as a result of the conflict.

Two persons were killed and three more were injured in the first week of June.

The people were slain by advanced soldiers’ mortars and gunshots.

A rescue worker told Than Lwin Times that the civilian death toll could be much higher and that some people are still missing.

For the time being, fighting could escalate in Tanintharyi region’s Thayet Chaung, Dawei, Launglon and Myeik Townships, and the number of evacuees has also risen.

Due to the skirmishes between the two sides, about 8,000 refugees in Tanintharyi have been unable to return to their homes and are in need of humanitarian assistance, according to refugee rescue volunteers.

News- Than Lwin Times

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