Thaton, June (7)

Military tensions between the junta’s armed forces and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) have risen in Kyaikkto and Thaton Townships, the areas controlled by KNU Brigade 1, KNU’s Thaton district officials told Than Lwin Times.

Fighting have resumed since June 1 in Kyaikto and Thaton townships of the KNU Brigade 1, where the clashes have paused for more than two weeks.

Fighting could resume, according to a KNU officer from the Thaton district, as the military council escalated its military activities.

Therefore, the KNU urges the people to be cautious and seek help from relevant groups, including the Karen National Union, if they need help.

Over 3,000 locals are currently fleeing the severe military situation on both sides.

In May, there were 41 skirmishes between the KNLA and the military dictatorship in the KNU-controlled Thaton District, with 71 military personnel and two KNLA members killed.

News- Than Lwin Times

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