Hpa-an, June (9)

University students and political prisoners detained at Hpa-an Prison, Kare State, have been unjustly beaten and deprived of food and water, Hpa-an University Student Union officials told Than Lwin Times.

The group, led by U Hla Swe, the new head of Hpa-an Prison, has been beating and torturing detained university students and political prisoners since June 5.

Detained university students and political detainees say they don’t want to be imprisoned with criminals, so jail officials threw stones at them and tortured them.

The inmates were punished by being forced to sit in the rain, having their meals cut, and not being allowed to bathe or defecate properly.

The detained have the cuts and bruises on their foreheads and arms but were denied for medical treatment.

Hpa-an prison authorities are deliberately torturing 20 detained university students and some political prisoners.

U Hla Swe, the new head of the prison, has been committing the violation of  human rights as well as  prisoner rights since moving to Hpa-an Prison.

Since the military coup, hundreds of political prisoners, including university students, have been detained in Hpa-an prison, with the majority of them serving their sentences.

News – Than Lwin Times

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