Phruso, June (18)

The convoy of about 40 military trucks was stranded in Kayah State’s Phruso Township for more than two weeks and was unable to reach Loikaw, the Local People’s Defense Forces told Than Lwin Times.

At the end of May, these 40 transport vehicles sent food and ammunition from Loikaw to military bases in Bawlakha Township.
The PDFs attacked the military convoy returning after delivering food and ammunition in Phruso.

Five vehicles were damaged in the attack, and two were confiscated by the PDFs. More than 30 other vehicles were unable to continue their journey and were forced to turn around.

More than 30 vehicles of the military council are trapped in the 14th Military Training School in Phuso Township and have not yet returned to Loikaw, an official from PDF said.

The junta forces are attempting to retake the Loikaw-Mawchi highway in Kayah State, where fighting has intensified, but more soldiers are being killed.

Fighting resumed in Kayah State in June between the military council and the local People’s Defense Forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

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