Yangon, July (17)

There will be no dialogue because of the three preconditions of the military council, political analysts and veteran politicians said.

The coup leader, General Min Aung Hlaing, said three preconditions during a meeting with the ASEAN special envoy that the government should not be destroyed, not replaced, and the 2008 Constitution should be considered as the basic principle of peace talks to bring about political dialogue.

The ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar, Prak Sokhoon, who visited Myanmar for the second time from June 30 to July 3, issued a statement on July 6 regarding his trip and discussion with the military council.

Dr. Sai Kyi Zin Soe, a political analyst, told Than Lwin Times that the military council’s preconditions are based on the 2008 constitution and are against the principles of the National Unity Government (NUG), so negotiation is not possible.

“The 2008 constitution has been declared null and void because of the military coup. Instead, Federal Charters 1 and 2 were drafted. Based on that charters, the ethnic groups and the NUG are trying to draft a new constitution and interim administration plan. So, in principle, the two sides are now against each other. Therefore, there is no possibility of negotiation in the deadlocked situation, “he said.

U Pe Than, a veteran politician, commented that negotiation would be impossible if the military council did not release the detained political leaders and NLD leaders.

The military council, which seized power on the pretext of the election fraud, has promised to hold a free and fair general election in 2023 and return power to the winning party after implementing the provisions of the emergency period.

On the other hand, fierce fighting continues between the junta armed forces and the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), as well as some ethnic armed organizations.

Political analyst, U Than Soe Naing pointed out that in the current political landscape, the military council must stop the violence and release the elected NLD leaders. Only when those two things are followed, will there be a dialogue.

Unless the military council meets those points, its efforts to gain international recognition will close the door on negotiations, U Than Soe Naing said.

While China is putting pressure on the military regime to resolve the political crisis in Myanmar, ASEAN has also requested the implementation of the five-point consensus.

The five-point consensus of ASEAN leaders includes the release of arrested political leaders and political prisoners; an end to violent solutions; dialogue with all relevant parties; and providing humanitarian assistance. But in reality, the military council has not implemented that five-point consensus so far.

News – Than Lwin Times

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