Tanintharyi, July (17)

In Tanintharyi region’s battles, the military council used not only the army but also the naval forces in military operations, commanding officers from Tanintharyi revolution forces told Than Lwin Times.

Since the beginning of June, the junta forces have advanced in full strength towards Dawei, Thayet Chaung, Launglon, Yebyu and Palaw Townships.

The army launched an offensive on all five townships simultaneously, and in the townships close to the coast, naval forces were also deployed.

The commanding officer of the Tanintharyi Region’s military division said, “the use of naval personnel shows that the military strength of the army has decreased. There are three naval bases in Tanintharyi Region. The forces from Mawrawaddy naval base are mostly deployed now. Sometimes they patrol with navy patrol boats. They are trying to make Tanintharyi region as PDF-free zone. But the PDFs are everywhere in townships and villages across the region. It is impossible to root out PDFs,” a commanding officer said.

Since the military council army has invaded Tanintharyi region with massive force, the revolutionary forces of various regions and states have been urged to speed up the fighting.

In Tanintharyi, when the military council forces were trying to make the area as PDF-free zone, the fighting between the two sides intensified, and there were casualties on both sides.

Currently, more than 10,000 local people are fleeing the conflict, and they are in dire need of food and medical supplies.

 News – Than Liwn Times

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