Lay Kay Kaw, July (17)

The Karen National Union (KNU) urges the people to fight bravely until the political goals of the Karen people and the entire public are achieved, including the complete destruction of the military regime as well as chauvinism.

It was stated in the message sent by the Karen National Union KNU for the 75th Karen National Defense Force (KNDO) Anniversary Celebration Day, which falls on July 16 yesterday.

“The entire population has been resisting the military regime in various ways from all sides.  We must work together with all organizations that share the same political goals and destroy the great chauvinism and the military regime, which are the historical enemies of the Karen people,” said in its statement.

As the comrades of the Karen National Defense Force (KNDO) are engaged in this struggle, they must strive to achieve the goals of the Karen and Myanmar people under the leadership and guidance of their leaders with revolutionary and political awareness, the statement said.

The KNU said that now is the time to move forward with their political goals, so everyone must have mutual understanding and work together until they achieve their goals.

In addition, the Karen and the entire population have been urged to fight together bravely for the safety of their lives and homes, freed from the arbitrary killings and arson attacks by the terrorist rulers.

News – Than Lwin Times

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