Yangon, July (24)

The YBS lines, Yangon’s main public transportation, reduced their operations due to a shortage of fuel, and the commuters are in trouble, the residents said.

Since July 22, YBS (Yangon Bus Service) has reduced the number of bus lines by almost half due to insufficient CNG (compressed natural gas).

Due to fewer number of bus lines, ordinary people who depend on the YBS lines are facing difficulties in commuting.

The social relief groups are assisting those who are in trouble for commuting, and the number of volunteers is on the rise starting from July 23, a volunteer from the Marga Yeik Nyein rescue team said.

There are reports that this situation will last for about a week, but the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC) joint secretary said that they are planning to increase the number of bus lines.

The Yangon Region Private Transportation Supervisory Committee (YRTC) announced on July 22 that more than 3,000 buses from 116 YBS bus lines are operational daily.

However, YBS commuters are facing difficulties in commuting to work and carrying out daily activities due to the reduced number of regular bus lines.

News – Than Lwin Times

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