Kyaukkyi, July (30)

The junta forces launched an air raid on a shelter in Kyaukkyi Township controlled by Karen National Union (KNU) at around 9:30 am on July 29.

The military jet dropped eight bombs on a camp where the displaced persons live in Kyaukkyi of KNU’s Brigade 3 (Nayunglaybin District), injuring four IDPs.

The junta attacked an area where the IDPs live, and there were no clashes there, the source from the Karen social rescue team said.

“The regime forces dropped eight bombs on the place where the IDPs were hiding. Four were injured but not in critical condition,” he added.

On July 2, the military council conducted airstrikes on locals fleeing the conflict in Mone Township, which is under the control of KNU’s Brigade, resulting in four deaths and one injury.

The joint force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)’s Brigade 3 frequently clashed with the junta armed forces who invaded Kyaukkyi, forcing the locals to rush to shelters.

News – Than Lwin Times

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