Kyaikto, July (31)

More than 5,000 residents who fled the villages of Kyaikto Township have been unable to return to their homes because of the junta’s indiscriminate shooting with heavy weapons.

Since July 10, the military council has been firing mortar shells at the Winkan and Zeepyaungl villages arbitrarily, forcing more than 6,000 residents from about 30 villages to leave their homes and rush to shelters.

The military council did not stop firing mortars at the villages, so the locals are worried about their safety and cannot return home.

There is an urgent need for shelters, foodstuffs, and medical supplies for IDPs, and some suffer from sickness.

The KNU’s health workers are paying medical attention to the sick.

There are frequent clashes between regime forces and People’s Defense Forces in Thaton District, and the junta forces suffer heavy losses.

News – Than Lwin Times

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