Myawaddy, August (3)

The military council’s jet launched an air raid and dropped bombs on the area near Thone Htet Gwe and Ukkarithta on Myawaddy-Wallay road in the KNU-controlled Dooplaya District, Brigade 6 in the afternoon of August 2.

The clashes have intensified between the military regime and the Cobra column of the KNLA joint force since July 7.

The junta armed forces frequently invaded the area of the Thone Htet Gwe mountain ranges with a massive force to control the area, but were forced to retreat after their troops were killed due to the defense of the Cobra column.

On the evening of August 2, the junta bomber attacked the area near Thone Htet Gwe region, and it is unknown if there have been any fatalities.

According to a member of the People’s Defense Forces, the regime’s air force is firing on the Ukkarithta region as far as Thai territory.

There is ongoing fighting between the regime forces and the Lion Special Commando Joint Force of the Venom column near Ukkarithta camp on Myawaddy-Wallay road.

Currently, the locals have been forced to flee due to the fighting, the social workers said.

News – Than Lwin Times

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